The idea behind Animalous

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It is not a secret, that the idea of Animalous came up in Slovakia, Eastern Europe. Most of our team members were born and raised in Communism and the freedom of speech was something we could only dream of.

Things were going to change after the revolutions in 1989. The democratic regime promised us a better world we heard it was in the U.S. and Western Europe. A better world where people have rights to liberty, freedom of movement, freeedom of thoughts, freedom of religion and expression, all guaranteed by the Constitution or United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It seems we have it all today. But our phones are tapped by governments and Secret Services, they read our emails and they monitor our online communication. And just think about how many CCTV cameras have you walked past today?

We represent honest people and businesses, who don‘ t want to share they private lifes or confidential business information with any government, police, Secret Services or any unathorised third parties.